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2010-08-26 22:26:07
(Czech Republic)
great stuff, it was an amazing evening year ago. thnx a lot for this.
2010-08-26 22:04:55
(United States)
Thanks - all the way from - Trenton, New Jersey - to everyone for sharing this gig! Incredible!
2010-08-26 21:58:46
(Czech Republic)
Thank you soooooo much! Excellent work!
2010-08-26 21:12:06
(United States)
Thank you ALL involved! You really went above and beyond! I wasn't expecting all the formats and a beautiful website. You've shown the band an example of how devoted their fans are. Thank you, Radiohead!
2010-08-26 16:58:47
(United States)
Brilliant job to all involved!!
2010-08-26 16:06:54
(United States)
Great work guys. Can't wait for them to come back to the States (we even got rid of Bush for them!).
2010-08-26 15:36:55
(Czech Republic)
Excellent ! Thanks for the idea Nataly :) Been there, seen that and never thought about seeing it again ... So thanx to U all and the band !
Mister OJD
2010-08-26 12:50:45
Merci Nataly pour cette superbe idée !
RA_dio_HEaD I loVE U
2010-08-26 12:35:00
I love the initiative. I'm downloading it right now and I think it's awesome that everybody(and especially the band themselves) contributed to this awesome project. To me it really shows what a great band Radiohead is and what great fans they have. Thank you!
2010-08-26 12:33:57
Well done, biggest feat for Radiohead fans since... ever!
Mikey C
2010-08-26 11:44:46
(Czech Republic)
I was there that night, and it doesn't seem like it has been over a year since the concert. Thanks to those that put this together, and Radiohead, please come back to Prague soon!
2010-08-26 10:17:11
(Czech Republic)
this is so awesome! thanx a million to all of you guys!
2010-08-26 09:57:05
Can't wait to watch this.
Thanks a lot!
lady newell
2010-08-26 08:54:02
absolutely amazing !! thnks a lot !!!!!
2010-08-26 05:46:36
(United States)
thanks so much! you guys did an AMAZING job!
Mike T
2010-08-26 04:13:28
(United States)
Loving it, thanks for taking the time to do what you do and document it in such a way that we're all able to see. Even the happy little accidents like on "there there" haha.
Keep on fightin the good one.
John Wu
2010-08-26 02:36:11
(United States)
Thank you guys so much for putting in the time and effort to allow all the fans, and maybe even the members of Radiohead themselves to enjoy this wonderful concert over and over again!


2010-08-26 02:19:20
these are incredible! better than any tv recorded thing ive ever seen thank you to everyone involved!
2010-08-25 23:02:42
Many many thanks Nataly ! great job. This is simply enormous ! The vision you give is the real vision of fan, and not the vision of "official" cameramen confortably seat on the best places. Your concept is great. And the sound offered by the band shows how Radiohead is so special. Thank you again and enjoy ...
Dave Halliwell
2010-08-25 22:22:34
Firstly, i just wanna say i'm so proud of my Brother for being a part of this. He spent hours and hours on this project, as i'm sure all the other contributors did. Top drawer effort all of you!

It was an amazing night, and now i can relive it over and over again!
2010-08-25 22:00:03
Me again! I just wanna say that I drove 9 hours from Zagreb, Croatia to Prague to see this concert. And I've never driven outside of my country before that:) It was my first (and so far only) Radiohead concert, and I wrote my diploma paper about the band's work, so I guess you can understand how much this project means to me. Thank you again. :)
2010-08-25 21:57:02
I really like it a lot, thanks folks! honestly i just don't like where you host the files, not at all, and I wonder if radiohead can't take care of it.
The first 2 parts I loaded down where damaged and could not be unpacked
2010-08-25 21:36:21
(United Kingdom)
Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this fabulous project.
Boreal Limit
2010-08-25 20:39:27
Absolutely awesome ! Great job guys...
Really thanks...
2010-08-25 19:32:15
grazie, veramente (thank you, really)
2010-08-25 18:47:40
thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
2010-08-25 18:04:17
Thank you all very very much for making this fan made dvd possible!! It makes me so glad to see that when people join together with a clear objetive can make their dreams come true.

Ah, and thanks for the Ipod format also!!! :D
2010-08-25 17:56:48
I was there and it was amazing! Thanks so much for this.
2010-08-25 17:30:05
Bravo pour le resultat !!!

2010-08-25 17:08:32
Nice. Very nice.
One might even say: great!
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