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Jota León
2010-09-09 15:36:34
This is magic... spectacular assembly!
Thanks from Colombia RDHD!
2010-09-09 13:43:02
2010-09-09 13:42:39
Sophia Varnava
2010-09-09 13:36:23
I can't ever begin to describe how awesome i think this is.
Thanks to everyone involved.
Radiohead <3
2010-09-09 11:41:00
(Czech Republic)
Great to watch it. Thanks for your effort.
2010-09-09 10:47:21
(Czech Republic)
Thank you so much:-) I was there at the concert and I thought that It was the best concert I have been to in my
whole life:-) I can't wait to see it:-)
Justin Benjamin
2010-09-09 08:54:15
(United States)
This was an awesome collaboration. Thank you for all your work. Making a DVD as I type this.
2010-09-09 07:37:34
(United States)
Thank you so much for providing this fantastic collection to all of us! Great job!
2010-09-09 05:19:30
(United States)
Stunning job. Thanks so much to all responsible.
dele peterson
2010-09-09 04:28:06
(United States)
wow. just wow. i have a lump in my throat at the beauty of this undertaking. and what a fantastic subject to choose for this amazing project! thank you for sharing it with the world.
Henrique Diniz
2010-09-09 01:53:31
Awsome ideia. Congratulations and thanks! I`m really surprised you guys managed to get all these content with the band. A Fan's masterpiece!
2010-09-09 00:59:41
Amazing IDEA!...... Me parece increible que hayan juntado los videos de los fans! Una idea genial! Ojala y algun dia vinieran a Guatemala... PLEASE COME TO GUATEMALAAAAA!!!
João Romano
2010-09-09 00:33:04
Probably you're tired already but thank you so much. Not only Radiohead is the coolest, most modern, up-to-its-days band, the fans also are. Thanks to you and to the band, for the greatness.
2010-09-09 00:28:46
(New Zealand)
This is The Rad Of Rads.
2010-09-08 23:54:49
thanks that's awesome !!!
Dean Cooper
2010-09-08 23:36:17
(United Kingdom)
Thankyou fantastic the radiohead concert DVD I've been waiting for. By the fans for the fans! Makes it even better. All your hard work paid off. 11 out of 10.
2010-09-08 22:56:18
Excelente, aun no lo veo, ya lo descargue pero ansio verlo con las ansias con que uno espera los regalos navideños.
Thanks for everything Radiohead.
2010-09-08 22:55:13
Spent all day downloading this and now can't see help ANYWHERE
2010-09-08 22:38:23
wow, thanks guys.
it was an awesome show and i'm thrilled that you put this together...
now i can finally get rid of my (mediocre) bootleg.
2010-09-08 22:25:18
debo reconocer el trabajo de estos fans que hicieron las grabaciones, y a la gran banda RADIOHEAD por contribuir con el audio
solo una palabra: FANTASTICO!!
Radiohead fan (duh!)
2010-09-08 21:48:19
Can't wait to see this, you guys rock and Radiohead are awesome for giving you the audiomasters.

Zomb sucks donkey balls though.
2010-09-08 21:36:40
Siete meravigliosamente bravi
fantastici favolosiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Diego García
2010-09-08 21:35:54
Nice job, i love Radiohead and your video is very original. Thanks for sharing with the world... downloading it from mexico
2010-09-08 21:30:42
Fantastic, just heard about this and can't wait to see it. Big thanks to all who participated.
2010-09-08 21:25:53
Thx a 1000 for this! AWSOME!! If anyone's interested: I have the live@ SAITAMA SUPER ARENA TOKYO 2008 on dvd aswell HDV quality

Jon Vogel
2010-09-08 20:28:57
(United Kingdom)
This is such a great live performance , possibly the best ever on "record". Great sound and i just love the audience view , no cliche camera shots. Thanks for giving us this great peformance
2010-09-08 20:06:59
Thanks so much!!!! I love it!
2010-09-08 19:38:09
Great stuff - a real treat, thank you so much!

Download was a major pain tho: Zomb can't sign up and Megaupload is just plain dumb - why not host the .torrents more publicly?
2010-09-08 19:07:36
you're always stepping on the future... could the world do the same???
2010-09-08 18:43:51
Thank you so much guys for this amazing work! is just like i picture is to see radiohead playing live! This is just awesome!
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