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2010-09-02 04:35:01
thanks a lot! this is amazing beyond words. every band should have fans this cool.
2010-09-02 02:51:49
Thank you so much! The most important video of this year... ;-)...Without you this just not happened. Thank you, a thousand times!
Micah from Miami
2010-09-01 05:55:35
(United States)
Bless you all. I was there that night in the front row and until today that special night was just a memory...Thanks, thanks, a thousand time thanks!
2010-09-01 00:04:52
unbelievable! feels like being there back again! right in the crowd. very special!
just wanted to thank everyone involved for your hard work and enthusiasm and for creating something extraordinary.
2010-08-31 17:41:58
Congratulations!!! this is what music has to be: sharing of emotions
2010-08-31 11:31:55
I love you guys!
2010-08-31 10:30:05
Many thanks for this. It's a wonderful project !
2010-08-30 23:10:38
(United Kingdom)
This is an amazing achievement Nataly, amazing!!

So much hard painstaking effort but it has brought wonderful results, congratulations :)

It's also wonderful of the band to provide the audio which sounds brilliant!

Thanks to all involved in this project! It was a beautiful evening and this captures it magnificently, ah the memories :)
2010-08-30 18:14:16
Thank you so much !
2010-08-30 14:02:51
Thank you :)
2010-08-30 13:32:06
(Czech Republic)
Diky diky diky!!! skvele pripomenuti nezapomenutelneho!!! Thx thx thx!!! It was the day to remember!!!
2010-08-30 12:59:39
Beautifull idea for the best band ever. THXS :-)
2010-08-30 08:55:58
Mille mercis Nathaly and thanks to everyone who take part in this awesome project. I've watched it yesterday for my birthday, how could I better celebrate? ;-)
Thank you!
2010-08-30 08:09:06
(United States)
WOW, infinite thanks! This is amazing.

I had to be greedy, but is there anywhere we can acquire an MP3/FLAC of this? That would be amazing.

Patrick Luff
2010-08-30 02:17:58
enjoyed nice dream lots. one of those songs you forget about in the extensive catalogue of songs... played it at leeds but not at reading where i was at... they did play a few classics though so can't complain at all.. national anthem will always stand out... look forward to next time...
2010-08-30 01:48:51
Wow. Just amazing. Great work! And thanks for making this available.
2010-08-30 01:25:56
(Czech Republic)
Amazing, Amazing work. Too bad I didn't even know Radiohead back then *facepalm*, so I couldn't come...
2010-08-30 01:23:35
(Czech Republic)
VýteÄ?ná, výteÄ?ná, výteÄ?ná práce. úžasná show. Å¡koda, že v té dobÄ jsem Radiohead jeÅ¡tÄ ani neznal *facepalm*, takže mi unikli :/
2010-08-29 23:41:17
this just made my day :)
2010-08-29 23:32:11
(Czech Republic)
awesome, downloading right now !
Schizoid bear
2010-08-29 05:45:09
You're great! pretty cool
2010-08-29 03:23:15
Great job. Cheers!
Ake Padey
2010-08-28 23:45:09
Fantastic job out there, thank you so much guys.
2010-08-28 21:55:16
(Czech Republic)
AMAZING! Great work guys!!!!! Thank you, that I can experience the concert over and over again! :-)
2010-08-28 20:51:38
Thank you all.
Phil from Blackpool
2010-08-28 20:49:04
(United Kingdom)
Hey Guys thank you so so much for putting this amazing film together, it is simply awesome! The editing must have been difficult! More concerts should be filmed in this way - you guys may just have started something special... ;)
2010-08-28 19:34:16
This is an amazing and very unqiue piece of work. Thanks to everyone who put their time and effort into this.
2010-08-28 19:29:16
Thanks a lot for creating this, it's just wonderful people filming other wonderful people playing music-
m a x o px
2010-08-28 19:15:41
Amazing!!! Many many thanx. I love Radiohead and ultra-fans which are around. Big respect for your work!
Nate Odden
2010-08-28 18:24:23
Excellent work, gents
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