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2010-09-10 19:05:27
Thank you so much radiohead you are simply the best band ever, you've got always some new great idea like this.
Hope you come to spain on your NeXT tour
isal rockever
2010-09-10 17:34:54
sakit jiwa !!
2010-09-10 14:45:18
Great idea and videos, congratulations to everyone involved and Radiohead for providing; a brilliant performance, the audio and being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. Creativity should spark ideas and further creativity, in their case it does.
2010-09-10 14:13:42
(United Kingdom)
Merci beaucoup, c'est enorme!
2010-09-10 07:52:13
Great idea.
Thanks to Radiohead to be as the are.
João Romano
2010-09-10 06:53:53
I'm AMAZED by the edition you made for Idioteque. Neat! Congrats!
2010-09-10 06:27:40
Gracias ,muchas gracias, me hubiera gustado que lo hubieran sacado en dvd normal aunque sea en dos discos ya que el dvd9 no esmuy difundido
2010-09-10 06:26:13
Excelente trabajo, muchas gracias a todos los que hicieron posible esto.

2010-09-10 04:26:58
Gracias por este tremendo trabajo!!!
James S.
2010-09-10 03:11:48
(United States)
I'm assuming that the master audio provided by Radiohead was given in a format of a higher quality than what is available in any of the videos. Would it be possible for the people in charge of this project to provide a download to the original audio by itself, in the full quality provided by the band?
Kaelin Bougneit
2010-09-10 02:47:10
(United States)
Thanks so much for this. All other footage I've seen of Radiohead sucks, but you capture the quality of the live performance that should be there.
Omar Eduardo
2010-09-10 02:26:23
Thank you guys (again). I saw you in Bennicassim, Spain, july 2002, wonderful, it was like an all-kind of emotions spectacle.
Hoping you visit Colombia some day.
Hemo Vintage
2010-09-10 00:36:53
La version en HD es excelente!
Sergio Requena
2010-09-10 00:21:25
I have no words... THANKS A MILLION!! Music is culture, so this is the best way to reach millions of people. I saw you guys in Salamanca, Spain, 07/08/2002. All the best ;)
2010-09-10 00:16:33
Great work,thank you!
Anders Saints
2010-09-10 00:07:03
Thank you!!
2010-09-09 23:44:32
(United Kingdom)
Well done, guys. And nice one Radiohead for embracing the spirit of the enterprise!
2010-09-09 23:15:09
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2010-09-09 23:13:48
(United Kingdom)
Speaks volumes about a lovely band that their lovely fans combine to create something as lovely as this. Thanks to all involved. xO
Verstraete Guido
2010-09-09 22:10:08
Thanks a lot
Saw you live at The Main Square Festival - Arras - France - july 2008 - what a nice souvenier of the live performance.
Stephanie Sherrod
2010-09-09 21:46:36
(United States)
Words cannot say enough! Thank you Radiohead and fans. Looking forward to the next tour.

X0X0 from Austin, Texas
2010-09-09 21:24:50
The only band that is aware of the world.

Thank you for this.
Greatly appreciated.
Santiago Mijares
2010-09-09 19:06:50
Is amazing that radiohead share this with us, once in a lifetime, it would be something that we can show to our kids and feel proud to live in this age. Thank you endlessly, you are the best! I love you Radiohead! You've changed my life
2010-09-09 18:49:19
Excelente! I'm starting to download the dvd and i can't wait to watch it.

Greetings from Venezuela, it will be awesome if you guys come here any day soon :D
2010-09-09 18:31:28
Lo volvieron a hacer. Stand-up applause of 2hs3mins. Muchisimas gracias.
2010-09-09 17:59:59
What a generosity, radiohead is a so big treasure :D
Thanks a lot...
2010-09-09 17:20:25
Gracias, thansk for this socialproject!
that's a good example for the collaborative movement with internet...
Yeah, the world moves fast, nobody can't stop it!

Mov'on mov'on!!
2010-09-09 16:42:56
You are the best! you rock! Long live to Radiohead!
2010-09-09 15:51:32
You all are too much! Fans & Band, thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I'm just happy knowing that sharing like this happens.

Many many thanks.
Jota León
2010-09-09 15:36:34
This is magic... spectacular assembly!
Thanks from Colombia RDHD!
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