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Hemo Vintage
2010-09-10 00:36:53
La version en HD es excelente!
Sergio Requena
2010-09-10 00:21:25
I have no words... THANKS A MILLION!! Music is culture, so this is the best way to reach millions of people. I saw you guys in Salamanca, Spain, 07/08/2002. All the best ;)
2010-09-10 00:16:33
Great work,thank you!
Anders Saints
2010-09-10 00:07:03
Thank you!!
2010-09-09 23:44:32
(United Kingdom)
Well done, guys. And nice one Radiohead for embracing the spirit of the enterprise!
2010-09-09 23:15:09
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2010-09-09 23:13:48
(United Kingdom)
Speaks volumes about a lovely band that their lovely fans combine to create something as lovely as this. Thanks to all involved. xO
Verstraete Guido
2010-09-09 22:10:08
Thanks a lot
Saw you live at The Main Square Festival - Arras - France - july 2008 - what a nice souvenier of the live performance.
Stephanie Sherrod
2010-09-09 21:46:36
(United States)
Words cannot say enough! Thank you Radiohead and fans. Looking forward to the next tour.

X0X0 from Austin, Texas
2010-09-09 21:24:50
The only band that is aware of the world.

Thank you for this.
Greatly appreciated.
Santiago Mijares
2010-09-09 19:06:50
Is amazing that radiohead share this with us, once in a lifetime, it would be something that we can show to our kids and feel proud to live in this age. Thank you endlessly, you are the best! I love you Radiohead! You've changed my life
2010-09-09 18:49:19
Excelente! I'm starting to download the dvd and i can't wait to watch it.

Greetings from Venezuela, it will be awesome if you guys come here any day soon :D
2010-09-09 18:31:28
Lo volvieron a hacer. Stand-up applause of 2hs3mins. Muchisimas gracias.
2010-09-09 17:59:59
What a generosity, radiohead is a so big treasure :D
Thanks a lot...
2010-09-09 17:20:25
Gracias, thansk for this socialproject!
that's a good example for the collaborative movement with internet...
Yeah, the world moves fast, nobody can't stop it!

Mov'on mov'on!!
2010-09-09 16:42:56
You are the best! you rock! Long live to Radiohead!
2010-09-09 15:51:32
You all are too much! Fans & Band, thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I'm just happy knowing that sharing like this happens.

Many many thanks.
Jota León
2010-09-09 15:36:34
This is magic... spectacular assembly!
Thanks from Colombia RDHD!
2010-09-09 13:43:02
2010-09-09 13:42:39
Sophia Varnava
2010-09-09 13:36:23
I can't ever begin to describe how awesome i think this is.
Thanks to everyone involved.
Radiohead <3
2010-09-09 11:41:00
(Czech Republic)
Great to watch it. Thanks for your effort.
2010-09-09 10:47:21
(Czech Republic)
Thank you so much:-) I was there at the concert and I thought that It was the best concert I have been to in my
whole life:-) I can't wait to see it:-)
Justin Benjamin
2010-09-09 08:54:15
(United States)
This was an awesome collaboration. Thank you for all your work. Making a DVD as I type this.
2010-09-09 07:37:34
(United States)
Thank you so much for providing this fantastic collection to all of us! Great job!
2010-09-09 05:19:30
(United States)
Stunning job. Thanks so much to all responsible.
dele peterson
2010-09-09 04:28:06
(United States)
wow. just wow. i have a lump in my throat at the beauty of this undertaking. and what a fantastic subject to choose for this amazing project! thank you for sharing it with the world.
Henrique Diniz
2010-09-09 01:53:31
Awsome ideia. Congratulations and thanks! I`m really surprised you guys managed to get all these content with the band. A Fan's masterpiece!
2010-09-09 00:59:41
Amazing IDEA!...... Me parece increible que hayan juntado los videos de los fans! Una idea genial! Ojala y algun dia vinieran a Guatemala... PLEASE COME TO GUATEMALAAAAA!!!
João Romano
2010-09-09 00:33:04
Probably you're tired already but thank you so much. Not only Radiohead is the coolest, most modern, up-to-its-days band, the fans also are. Thanks to you and to the band, for the greatness.
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