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2010-09-07 13:57:58
I have been to Radiohead's memorable Buenos Aires gig. I mean memorable because around 30 thousand people were there to watch the band's first time in Argentina. I could see on TV some songs off the show which the band allowed, but I never found a nice sounding bootleg.
You guys just nailed it! Congrats! And the band was terribly cool in allowing you to use the masters!
Hopefully these kind of projects will multiply, not only with Radiohead's music, but with any other band who might like to share their art!
Ofer Meisels
2010-09-07 13:55:07
What a great idea!

Jailson "Jay" Rodrigues
2010-09-07 13:25:26
When Radiohead came play here on Brazil, a few people did the same thing you guys did... the name of the project is Raindown. here is the link

hope you guys enjoy as much we enjoyed your project

really tnx

2010-09-07 13:23:44
2010-09-07 12:49:55
(Taiwan, Province of China)
A great show !! How amazing! :D
Mark Jelley
2010-09-07 12:35:13
(United Kingdom)
This is immense, thanks so very much, my day at the office has improved tenfold.
2010-09-07 12:03:21
Thank you for this great show, you are a wonderfull band.
2010-09-07 11:18:07
Radiohead's light show looks so impressive from the angles in the footage. Makes me wish they would come to Australia!
Stephan N
2010-09-07 10:37:44
Great idea, great work, I enjoy it very much. Thank you.
2010-09-07 10:26:55
Great work! Could you set up another BT-Tracker for the mkv? I can't sign up on Zomb (user limit reached..). TPB would be a good idea..
2010-09-07 09:56:32
(Taiwan, Province of China)
Great job !!! Amazing !!!

Really thank you guys !!!
Raphael Sant'Anna
2010-09-07 09:14:36
Nice job, guys! Saw the videos on YouTube and they are amazing. Thanks!!!
2010-09-07 08:58:41
Thank you very much guys. You've done a great job. Simply wonderful. Me, my wife and my daughter were live in Prague. Thank you Radiohead for the release and happy hours in Prague. See you on the next tour.
Greeting Woll_e, Potsdam Germany
2010-09-07 08:13:08
(United States)
So awesome. Thank you!
Stefan Weber
2010-09-07 06:48:19
Thank you guys so much, this is awesome!!
Fernando Arrieta Gomez
2010-09-07 06:34:43
exceleten work guys, so they are of my favorite bands ever,
thanks for this gift so good
all of us (fans) are very grateful
2010-09-07 06:33:23
Guys! no words to describe how your songs make me fell good! I saw the concert in são paulo! amazing!!!
Juan Carlos
2010-09-07 06:30:10
I have no words to describe it. Awesome! But I think the whole idea itself was the most important fact to comment here. Since the release of "In Rainbows", and now... I've never heard about it before. And that's the reason Radiohead is always in the vanguard and represents a unique vision of what real music/art means nowadays. How can I say... You made history guys. Congrats!
2010-09-07 06:25:15
Fernando Dizeró
2010-09-07 06:14:54
Fantastic!!!!! Great job :)
Helen Bohorquez
2010-09-07 05:32:07
(United States)
Thank you very much to all the people involved in this project. It's been a pleasure for me to see the band from the perspective I someday wish to have. I only regret the absence of Karma Police in the line-up! Don't you dare to leave me without that song the next time I go to any of your concerts!
2010-09-07 05:10:48
Just wonderful, thank you so much for the hard work and the lovely result. Excellent quality and project. This is the way that things should be done in the future: the collaborative work, artists and fans together...¡Muchas Gracias! desde Chile...(Ojalá hubiesen tocado (nice dream) aquí en Santiago, para la próxima será...)
2010-09-07 04:54:32
(United States)
thanks for all the hard work, loving the videos
Eduardo Almeida Costa
2010-09-07 04:54:02
Nice idea!
I'll be waiting more videos/projects like this one.
Julian Pabon
2010-09-07 04:49:51
Thank you very much frends, with groups of music like you in the future we will listen at the radio only the the music that we love, not only the commercial music. Colombia claim for a concert in our country,
Rafael David
2010-09-07 04:23:08
I loved this.
2010-09-07 04:21:54
Excellent job, guys!!! Thanks for making such a great video and thanks to the band for supporting it... I just loved it!
2010-09-07 04:14:00
(United States)
thank you!
Art Hung
2010-09-07 04:04:44
Bless u.
2010-09-07 03:17:07
excellent job you guys, I hope you can do the same job with Mexico's concerts.
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