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2010-09-04 17:28:46
Admirable! Excelente contenido... del putas!
Michael Romero
2010-09-04 17:20:34
(United States)
This is why radiohead is one of the greatest bands ever.. they give this out and their performances are always amazing..all the best
Debi TooManyIdeas Baron
2010-09-04 14:19:08
(United States)
A beautiful, brilliant and inspiring work of love and art that truly represents the emerging non-industry of music. On a more personal note, thanks for sharing this Radiohead concert which brings tears to my eyes and chills to my body--in the best possible way!
Jason Mashak
2010-09-04 13:46:58
(Czech Republic)
Amazing work - moc dekuju.
2010-09-04 13:01:46
2010-09-04 12:26:16
L O V E to to you and the band for this - Awesome!
Sorry for being such a retard but could someone give me instructions on how to burn this wonderful work to a DVD (the DVD package for PAL)?
2010-09-04 11:27:48
bravo les mec!

j'ai jamais eu la chance de voir radiohead en concert, et ce film c'est comme si j'y était, merci. C'est du bon boulot!
Jean Philippe
2010-09-04 11:07:22
excellent concert, merci beaucoup pour ce film, bon boulot c'est très professionnel, la bande son est formidable, merci encore
2010-09-04 10:48:40
Saw them twice during In rainbows. Amazing concerts.
Hope to see them soon.
Thanks for the live show!
2010-09-04 09:25:33
You're the soundtrack of my life!!! Hope you come to Argentina again very soon. Thanks for all the feelings in every song...
2010-09-04 08:33:52
Thanks people and thanks radiohead, such a good idea and it worked out fantastic.
2010-09-04 05:49:08
(United States)
You guys rock. I'm not sure what else to say- except I am flabbergasted and look forward to watching this...

Thank you for keeping it real.
Luca cj
2010-09-04 05:32:02
radiohead all the time ONE STEP FORWARD, thanks for this magical gift. We are waiting for you in Peru.
the concert in Atlanta, Ga. two years ago was the most amazing moment in my life. thanks x your music x your lyrics x your are history.
Matt Lloyd
2010-09-04 04:36:31
Thanks so much for everybody who was a part of this film. I love Radiohead, and this was a very well-made film. The quality was great, and I'm absolutely ecstatic to tell all of my friends about this!
2010-09-04 04:15:27
Wonderfully executed. Love to see support by the band by providing audio masters. Once again music distribution precedent set by the band and its adoring fans.
THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this labor of love!!
2010-09-04 04:08:39
Wow, thank you so much for your hard work, guys. This is awesome.
2010-09-04 04:02:11
Spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
2010-09-04 03:33:08
This is awesome guys! thank you so much for sharing! as always, radiohead innovating! long life to radiohead, the best band EVER!
2010-09-04 01:11:19
(United States)
thanks fellas
2010-09-04 01:00:34
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
I've been there there:)
Tnx guys for dvd;)
2010-09-04 00:08:36
(Czech Republic)
This really made my day soooo much. I was there and I am there again.

Andrews Ferreira Guedis
2010-09-04 00:03:21
Hello Nataly!

First my congratulations for the excellent work on Radiohead Live in Prague. Few know that the work is to mount a dvd of this type and edit videos for months.

Forgive my English via Google Translator, but I need your help in what is said about the divugação a project very similar to yours.

My name is Andrews FG, I'm from Brazil and created and edited the project Radiohead "Rain Down" which was to do something very similar to your project, which occurred just before the show in Prague in March 2009. I joined all the videos filmed the show in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2009 and rode a DVD with amateur footage on YouTube and they were among the help of hundreds of fans in Brazil and South America

This project was made available for downloading (via torrent, megaupload) and set for broadcast on YouTube ( for free and for all. This result is in

The entire media reported this issue here as you are making in relation to the DVD of Prague, these innovative things that the only Radiohead gives are things that need attention.

When I said I needed his help was more to ask himself that Radiohead also disclose the Brazilian project that was very popular here in South America, thanks to the good show of the band in Brazil. Maybe you can not answer, perhaps not possible, but as I saw, you received the audio of the show to edit the video and even Radiohead has embraced the DVD from Prague to disclose on its website. I just ask you to forward my application to the staff that you should have spoken and delivered the audio of the show. I just wanted to know that Radiohead Brazilian fans gathered to do a free DVD and everyone with an ideal and innovative download is also available.

If you could also disclose somewhere on the project site in Prague the Brazilian project and links to download, very pleased.

If not, I thank you very much and believe that Radiohead will one day know the excellent show they did here and will return for giving their best back to South America

Congratulations on your excellent editing, I'm posting the DVD to Prague and need my help, you can always contact us.

Hugs from Brazil for the fans of the Czech Republic.

Thanks again

Andrews F.G
2010-09-03 23:55:54
You duds are crazy!!
Mars Riley
2010-09-03 23:48:42
(United States)
Thanks for doing this. Everyone involved did a great job. I almost feel like I was there. Hopefully next time I will be.
2010-09-03 23:24:49
Radiohead Rocks!
Seb currently in UK
2010-09-03 23:06:11
(United Kingdom)
Super FETT!
Big props to the work. You all made my day!
2010-09-03 23:04:25
Simplemente genial, lo voy a descargar para ver q tal, se agradece a todos los fans q crearon el DVD, es todo un trabajazo, muy bien hecho ;)
Benoit Favreault
2010-09-03 23:00:29
Admirable work. Once again, innovation in music distribution came through radiohead and its fans.
Alecs Bautista
2010-09-03 22:51:16
Excellent work!thank you...
2010-09-03 22:50:40
(United States)
Can't wait for the Blu Ray. Thanks!!
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