Noticing the improving quality of fans live videos, i had the idea to set up a project that would bring together people who were ready to film the august European shows, in order to make multiple video sources DVDs.
The response was great, several people were getting ready before the shows, and more of them join us when we started to collect videos after.
I find with Peter, Vasek, Jeff and Liam, an amazing team who edited all those videos and created a brilliant DVD. Without you guys, this project would have stayed at the idea stage.
And for a final and unhoped-for touch, Radiohead themselves accept to join this project by providing their audio mixes.
I'm most grateful to them for this gesture that shows how close they can be to their fans and what an amazing band they are, being part of my life for 15 years now.
I'd like to thank of course all the contributors without whom we would had nothing to create this DVD.
Thanks to all of you and see you for the next tour ;0)

Thanks to all the post production team, and to Nataly, who were an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks also to the band, and to all the people who contributed their time and efforts to this amazing project.

Thanks to Nataly and the post production team with whom it was a privilege to work with, and the band for giving us an incredible boost in quality to the finished product.
And thanks to the multitude of tapers who gave us the foundations to an amazing project who without, none of this would exist.

Thanks to Nataly and the entire post production team (Peter, Vasek, Liam, and Tim) for all of their hard work. A very special thanks to Radiohead for elevating our project to another level with their contribution.
Finally, thanks to everyone who contributed footage, making this project a unique fan experience.

With about eighty people involved with this project in one way or another, it is really difficult to thank them all. My thanks go to all those people who contributed their footage and made this whole thing possible in the first place.
I also wish to thank my fellow editors for all the advices they gave me so that we could together create something we can all be proud of. Also big thanks to Tim Ziegler, who joined this project to further improve the way the final edit looks like.
And of course I cannot forget about Nataly for putting this amazing project together and supervising it from the beginning to the end.
And my last but definitely not the least thanks is for Radiohead for putting on such an amazing show in my hometown and providing us with their soundboard mixes which took us to a whole another level.
They have proven once more that they are really the best band of the world.