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2010-09-05 05:15:15
(United States)
Thanks so much for this fantastic concert. I have downloaded p.2 of the MP4 (ipod) version 4X now, and each time, the file is corrupted. Any chance you can correct this. Thanks again, John
Liza J.
2010-09-05 05:11:11
(United States)
Thank you for being so wonderful to your fans! I love you guys!! Your Music is food for my Soul!!!
Walter Calderón
2010-09-05 02:31:55
Wujuu!! Thank you soooo much!!! Downloading...
Tony Lash
2010-09-05 02:23:16
(United States)
Thanks for putting all the effort in to make such an excellent fan film! I saw this tour in Seattle in 8/08, and this is a brilliant reminder of it.
V. Marc Fort
2010-09-05 01:17:15
(United States)
Thank you for this project...

...and thank you Radiohead for being so good to your fans.
2010-09-05 00:34:08
Thanks for sharing.
2010-09-04 23:52:50
(United Kingdom)
Thanks and this is the best way to keep great music alive ;) Thank you
2010-09-04 23:27:09
(United Kingdom)
I've just stumbled upon this. I hope Radiohead do not underestimate their own kindness and brilliance in providing the sound board mixes. Of course, thanks to all you brilliant people who captured the footage and those who were involved in any way in editing and presenting the final product.

2010-09-04 22:21:29
Thank you so fucking much!
2010-09-04 21:56:42
(United States)
I was lucky enough to see an early cut of this through a mutual friend. It really is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Thank you.
2010-09-04 21:50:30
By far one of the greatest concerts. Thank you for this magnificent work.
2010-09-04 21:50:25
awesome, you're the best, the kindest, the most dynamic (of the bands i know)
Pedro Paramo
2010-09-04 21:14:51
Nice work, watching right now.
2010-09-04 18:26:46
(United States)
Aside from the obvious -- the great film -- you've put together a very easy-to-use site with all of the needed links and information. Very nice.
2010-09-04 18:10:53
this is one of the best concert movies I´ve ever seen...thank ya!
2010-09-04 17:47:11
This is great but I am dumb and don't know which one i should download.
2010-09-04 17:33:25
Excelente material, definitivamente amor a la banda..... un ejemplo a seguir..MUCHAS GRACIAS

Thanks a lot...
2010-09-04 17:28:46
Admirable! Excelente contenido... del putas!
Michael Romero
2010-09-04 17:20:34
(United States)
This is why radiohead is one of the greatest bands ever.. they give this out and their performances are always amazing..all the best
Debi TooManyIdeas Baron
2010-09-04 14:19:08
(United States)
A beautiful, brilliant and inspiring work of love and art that truly represents the emerging non-industry of music. On a more personal note, thanks for sharing this Radiohead concert which brings tears to my eyes and chills to my body--in the best possible way!
Jason Mashak
2010-09-04 13:46:58
(Czech Republic)
Amazing work - moc dekuju.
2010-09-04 13:01:46
2010-09-04 12:26:16
L O V E to to you and the band for this - Awesome!
Sorry for being such a retard but could someone give me instructions on how to burn this wonderful work to a DVD (the DVD package for PAL)?
2010-09-04 11:27:48
bravo les mec!

j'ai jamais eu la chance de voir radiohead en concert, et ce film c'est comme si j'y était, merci. C'est du bon boulot!
Jean Philippe
2010-09-04 11:07:22
excellent concert, merci beaucoup pour ce film, bon boulot c'est très professionnel, la bande son est formidable, merci encore
2010-09-04 10:48:40
Saw them twice during In rainbows. Amazing concerts.
Hope to see them soon.
Thanks for the live show!
2010-09-04 09:25:33
You're the soundtrack of my life!!! Hope you come to Argentina again very soon. Thanks for all the feelings in every song...
2010-09-04 08:33:52
Thanks people and thanks radiohead, such a good idea and it worked out fantastic.
2010-09-04 05:49:08
(United States)
You guys rock. I'm not sure what else to say- except I am flabbergasted and look forward to watching this...

Thank you for keeping it real.
Luca cj
2010-09-04 05:32:02
radiohead all the time ONE STEP FORWARD, thanks for this magical gift. We are waiting for you in Peru.
the concert in Atlanta, Ga. two years ago was the most amazing moment in my life. thanks x your music x your lyrics x your are history.
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