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2010-09-20 13:34:49
Thank you!
cindy hanson
2010-09-20 06:04:54
(United States)
truly great
2010-09-20 01:28:47
(United States)
Thanks so much! This is so awesome!
2010-09-20 01:15:30
(United States)
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Your efforts have been well worth this amazing video. I have a new favorite thing in this world.
Giancarlo Buzzanca
2010-09-20 00:05:19
Thanks! I shared also in Facebook the URL
In italy there is not freedom also in the music ....
Mauricio Albuquerque
2010-09-19 17:02:17
Amazing, great, worderful, beautiful!!!!!!!
You and the great Radiohead are changing the way of thinking music and economical values.
I used do admire Radiohead and now much more!!!
Congratulations to you all for the innovative and excelent work!
2010-09-19 17:00:52
(United Kingdom)
Awesome work.
A BIG Thanx to all involved.
paco bs
2010-09-19 05:52:19
great idea and great work, hope everybody of us enjoy the concert when were recording like everyone who just watching and listening too!! gracias muchas gracias por compartirlo , thanks for sharing
2010-09-19 03:37:28
(United States)
Phenomenal and inspiring. Thank you to my favorite band and the amazing fans that made this.
Marius Hdz
2010-09-19 01:47:21
I hope there could be something like this from the concert here in Mexico City (in the same year)
2010-09-19 00:03:43
Thanks!! It`s an amazing show. Muchas Gracias!
Thiene Leão
2010-09-18 23:52:45
Isso é o que eu chamo de liberdade e amor dos fãs. Comecei a baixar o DVD completo!

Parabéns pela iniciativa e o melhor de tudo é que o próprio Radiohead aprovou o projeto! Show de bola!

Um grande presente de fã para fã! :)
2010-09-18 21:26:27
(United States)
The first true masterpiece of the "user-generated" era.
2010-09-18 19:50:32
the best thing that ever happened to the internet.

keep it up lads.
2010-09-18 16:57:47
Hail to the gift!!!
Thank you
2010-09-18 16:01:50
amzing!! brilliant!!!
thanks so much to each one who was involved in the project for the great job!
Ephemeral Entity
2010-09-18 09:53:48
I was impressed by the work you all put into that wonderful video. Great Job.
2010-09-18 06:42:42
(United States)
Looks like an incredible amount of work went into this, and by all accounts an amazing result. Can't thank you enough, greatly appreciate it!
Jorge Velez
2010-09-18 04:53:27
Graciaaas! esta muy bueno... me hizo recordar grandes momentos cuando visitaron la ciudad de Mexico!
Ximena Hernandez
2010-09-18 02:34:08
You guys did a great job!
I had the luck to go to their concert in Chile a year ago and it's amazing that now i can watch them over and over again, it's like being there :)
thank you guys for making this... thank you so much !
Roger Carballo
2010-09-17 22:29:37
Fantastic stuff, guys. Respect and admiration!!!
2010-09-17 20:11:39
Great Radiohead!! Amazing!
2010-09-17 19:34:50
es una maravilla lo que habéis hecho, felicidades, eternamente agradecido.
2010-09-17 19:22:43
(United Kingdom)
Thanks to everyone involved in this. Brilliant.
2010-09-17 12:34:07
Fantastici! l'arena del concerto di Milano non ha consentito una degna fruizione..
2010-09-17 12:18:17
idea geniale!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damien jones
2010-09-17 12:06:30
thanks a lot to all of you for this big event on my tv screen. excellent shots and editing. special thanks to the band for provide soundboard ! when record companies will understand and respect their customers ?
2010-09-17 08:53:33
(United States)
Radiohead is gospel!

2010-09-17 06:15:25
Congratulations to all hte stuff who make this possible. You are all genius. Im guessing if anyone of you have recorded and mp3 version for each song.
2010-09-17 05:29:42
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