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fLoreS D.
2010-09-22 00:16:10
Back to see beginning...

Just a show of what people can do with a bit of help from the master.

Lovt it.
2010-09-21 23:58:11
(United States)
Awesome, and thank you!
sandro falsone
2010-09-21 22:34:15
2010-09-21 20:15:56
Freaking amazing job! Thanks a bunch! It'll be awesome to see the show again...
2010-09-21 19:47:30
(United States)
Thank you so much! Brings me back to the shows I saw myself... So cool that the band contributed. Here's to you guys, the fans, and most of all the band:)
2010-09-21 19:19:05
(United States)
Fantastic work! I loved it!
2010-09-21 17:35:45
(United States)
So love this, thanks for the incredible effort.
guido biondi
2010-09-21 15:58:54
amazing idea!
simon tucker
2010-09-21 15:47:18
(United Kingdom)
the best band in the world right now. no-one matches them for creativity and innovation. stunning live too
2010-09-21 15:41:02
The best band in the world.
No words left.
And the best fans as well!!
I was at the concert, come from Italy by car in a long night drive, and it was simply unforgettable!!
2010-09-21 14:28:09
You are the best....
Amnesiac kid
2010-09-21 04:39:00
Guys you´re really great, thanks for give us your art, your feelings, and all your heart. Its wonderfull knows that you make music from the deep of your heart
2010-09-21 01:51:06
You guys are amazing... no words left
please come back to Mexico
2010-09-21 00:58:41
Amazing!!! thanks!!
2010-09-21 00:31:06
I love you all!!!!
come back soon!
2010-09-21 00:28:06
Absolutely brilliant.
Imagine, people doing this all around the world for all concerts. - Someone's always got to start it.....
2010-09-20 23:16:35
thanks!!! this is makes me remember the concert in argentina
2010-09-20 20:13:37
Thanks for the video, it's great, we all need your music for long time.
Please don't ever stop playing,
and please, come soon to Spain.

2010-09-20 18:33:52
(United States)
Absolutely amazing!

The mix of grainy, shaky hand held cellphone video with sturdy, sharp HD video gives the feeling of being in the crowd.

Incredible editing work. Super smooth transitions between angles.

Thank you to Radiohead for providing the soundboard audio!

Great work all around!

Can't wait for the Bluray!
2010-09-20 18:14:06
(United States)
Awesome job guys and gals! Truly unique and thx to the band for providing the audio masters. This is why we love radiohead! from the artist to the fans!
2010-09-20 16:41:16
Wow somehow you guys just keep on surprising us fans! Thanks for your dedication to the music! And to your fans. I am hoping to see a new album from you soon - and I really really hope that some day you will do another intimate concert like the one you did in france (le reservoire). Absolutely magical
Antonio Sparviero
2010-09-20 16:39:46
2010-09-20 14:52:36
I saw the show in Houston and in Chicago (@ Lolla), in 2008.
This production you've done is absolutely spectacular...I will watch this again and again, I appreciate it so much!
Thank you!!!
2010-09-20 13:34:49
Thank you!
cindy hanson
2010-09-20 06:04:54
(United States)
truly great
2010-09-20 01:28:47
(United States)
Thanks so much! This is so awesome!
2010-09-20 01:15:30
(United States)
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Your efforts have been well worth this amazing video. I have a new favorite thing in this world.
Giancarlo Buzzanca
2010-09-20 00:05:19
Thanks! I shared also in Facebook the URL
In italy there is not freedom also in the music ....
Mauricio Albuquerque
2010-09-19 17:02:17
Amazing, great, worderful, beautiful!!!!!!!
You and the great Radiohead are changing the way of thinking music and economical values.
I used do admire Radiohead and now much more!!!
Congratulations to you all for the innovative and excelent work!
2010-09-19 17:00:52
(United Kingdom)
Awesome work.
A BIG Thanx to all involved.
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