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Lisbeth Pita
2010-09-08 04:09:22
This is just great, I had to have it. Thank U so much. ´cos I don´t think I can see Them Live. I´m from Colombia and the haven´t come yet.
2010-09-08 02:56:19
Not many bands this generous (real) get this far and live to tell the tale. Thank You.
2010-09-08 02:13:27
Anna Erika
2010-09-08 02:06:36
Wow! Congratulations! That is just remarkable! It is an amazing job and there was no way Radiohead would not give its blessing. I was at the concert in Sao Paulo and i can tell you really captured all the magic that flows on a Radiohead concert. Better than that only live! haha. Brilliant! Best wishes to all!
2010-09-08 00:58:49
Thank you guys for this awesome DVD. I enjoyed this release from beginning to end. Your work is highly appreciated!
2010-09-08 00:47:37
Thank you guys for this awesome release.

Looking forward to listening to your next album.

2010-09-07 23:47:03
Perfection ?
Merci pour cette oeuvre.
2010-09-07 23:04:28
Thanks !!
a wonderful idea :)
Alberto Antunez
2010-09-07 22:52:32
Me impresiono la edicion es casi perfecta. Excelente idea
2010-09-07 22:30:15
Incredible work, as always. Thank you for being you...
2010-09-07 22:24:11
Thanks Radiohead! Your idea is amazing!
2010-09-07 22:05:06
2010-09-07 21:39:34
I have downloaded the .avi, and from The Bends until the end of the live the sound was not synchronized with the pictures.
2010-09-07 21:09:44
Great job, thanks to the team and the band.
Paul Kriegler
2010-09-07 20:53:44
(United States)
Astonishing. Sometimes the best things in life ARE free!
2010-09-07 20:53:30
I've just downloaded this and I can only say THANK YOU!!! you've done an amazing job!
2010-09-07 19:53:57
Excelent!! Thanks to all Radiohead crew!
2010-09-07 18:53:53
I am happy and grateful to see Radiohead fans create this, but are the .torrents really available only after login to I've never heard about? I want the MKV one and seemingly can't... I prefer torrents because they're the right choice for this. Díky. :-)
2010-09-07 18:33:43
Thanks for this marvoulos video! I did not expect it to be so good.
2010-09-07 18:19:31
Many thanks!!
You are geniuses. I love you!!
2010-09-07 18:17:56
(Czech Republic)
Absolutely fantastic recording of fantastic Prague concert! Thanks to all of you who´ve made it possible to experience such a magic night once again. I´ll show it to my children one day:-)

You´re great! Thank you
2010-09-07 17:56:40
superb! thank you!!
2010-09-07 16:35:13
You guys are geniuses for making this! thanks!
Gabriel Soublette Castro
2010-09-07 16:33:48
I only know a couple of songs of Radiohead, so I'm not a fan of them. But I love what you have managed to do with the band, I hope more groups had the mind as open as them.
2010-09-07 15:52:13
(United Kingdom)
Once again at the forefront of thinking music.
Nice one.
2010-09-07 15:47:10
In a perfect world, one day all bands will be like you
2010-09-07 15:36:58
Thanks Guys.
Wonderfull Music from a fantastic band on a video made by the greatest rock fans os the world.
2010-09-07 14:57:00
Just can say THANK YOU! Thank you for being as you are, and making us enjoy with your music like no other.
Jordan Chevalier
2010-09-07 14:46:02
Amazing !
You guys keep us fans happy :)
2010-09-07 13:57:58
I have been to Radiohead's memorable Buenos Aires gig. I mean memorable because around 30 thousand people were there to watch the band's first time in Argentina. I could see on TV some songs off the show which the band allowed, but I never found a nice sounding bootleg.
You guys just nailed it! Congrats! And the band was terribly cool in allowing you to use the masters!
Hopefully these kind of projects will multiply, not only with Radiohead's music, but with any other band who might like to share their art!
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