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2010-09-08 21:30:42
Fantastic, just heard about this and can't wait to see it. Big thanks to all who participated.
2010-09-08 21:25:53
Thx a 1000 for this! AWSOME!! If anyone's interested: I have the live@ SAITAMA SUPER ARENA TOKYO 2008 on dvd aswell HDV quality

Jon Vogel
2010-09-08 20:28:57
(United Kingdom)
This is such a great live performance , possibly the best ever on "record". Great sound and i just love the audience view , no cliche camera shots. Thanks for giving us this great peformance
2010-09-08 20:06:59
Thanks so much!!!! I love it!
2010-09-08 19:38:09
Great stuff - a real treat, thank you so much!

Download was a major pain tho: Zomb can't sign up and Megaupload is just plain dumb - why not host the .torrents more publicly?
2010-09-08 19:07:36
you're always stepping on the future... could the world do the same???
2010-09-08 18:43:51
Thank you so much guys for this amazing work! is just like i picture is to see radiohead playing live! This is just awesome!
2010-09-08 17:27:35
AMAZING! greetings !
2010-09-08 16:19:43
Really great work!
I hope to see them in the near future...
mike mccready
2010-09-08 14:39:53

thanks a lot!
2010-09-08 13:19:48
Just brilliant. really good sound, love the band for giving the original audio.
m d
2010-09-08 12:20:11
(United States)
Much thanks for this. I love it.
2010-09-08 12:17:59
THANKS for your work!!!
If you repeat the experience in Spain....
Let me know!!
I feel very envious....
2010-09-08 11:26:02
wow... this is really great!! thanks so much to all the people involved in realizing this project!
Jacob Vanneste
2010-09-08 10:08:36
Great of the fans, great of Radiohead to give the original audio tape.

thanks to the fans!
2010-09-08 09:32:43
(United States)
Thank you so much. I've never been able to make it to a show. This was great!
Pablo B.
2010-09-08 06:55:04
I just downloaded your DVD. It's amazing, very well done, excellent editing. It actually feels like an original dvd. It reminded me of the radiohead concert i attended here on March 27th 2009, it was the same tour. And Radiohead... what a band, they passed you the original recordings of the concert.

Thanks very much for sharing your work, radiohead fans all around the world thank you.

Dziekuje bardzo, dÄkuji, merci beaucoup, molto grazie, muchas gracias from CHILE :)
2010-09-08 06:50:21
2010-09-08 05:43:42
Hi! It's so great!!! I hope I will be able to see Radiohead like that someday in Colombia!!
Thanks for sharing this!!
Modesto Hernández
2010-09-08 04:42:53
Great work, I loved the videos, really, thank you for this kind of effort, especially as it applauds actions taken by Radiohead, makes clear that music and the visual concept IS FOR EVERYONE! Thank you very much.
Modesto Hernández
2010-09-08 04:38:51
Excelente trabajo, me encantaron los videos, de verdad uno agradece este tipo de esfuerzos, y sobre todo se aplaude acciones como las tomadas por Radiohead, deja claro que la musica y el concepto visual ES PARA TODOS!!!! Muchas Gracias.
Lisbeth Pita
2010-09-08 04:09:22
This is just great, I had to have it. Thank U so much. ´cos I don´t think I can see Them Live. I´m from Colombia and the haven´t come yet.
2010-09-08 02:56:19
Not many bands this generous (real) get this far and live to tell the tale. Thank You.
2010-09-08 02:13:27
Anna Erika
2010-09-08 02:06:36
Wow! Congratulations! That is just remarkable! It is an amazing job and there was no way Radiohead would not give its blessing. I was at the concert in Sao Paulo and i can tell you really captured all the magic that flows on a Radiohead concert. Better than that only live! haha. Brilliant! Best wishes to all!
2010-09-08 00:58:49
Thank you guys for this awesome DVD. I enjoyed this release from beginning to end. Your work is highly appreciated!
2010-09-08 00:47:37
Thank you guys for this awesome release.

Looking forward to listening to your next album.

2010-09-07 23:47:03
Perfection ?
Merci pour cette oeuvre.
2010-09-07 23:04:28
Thanks !!
a wonderful idea :)
Alberto Antunez
2010-09-07 22:52:32
Me impresiono la edicion es casi perfecta. Excelente idea
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