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2010-10-05 11:13:52
This is great!

(Please use another tracker than Pirate Bay, my provider stopped it and Zomb is used by few people)
2010-10-05 02:15:43
(Korea, Republic of)
Unbelievable! I love you guys~
2010-10-04 21:11:42
Great Job!!!
Thanks a lot!
2010-10-04 20:26:32
(United States)
This is amazing and a must for all RH fans. Thank you so much for the effort put into this art!
2010-10-04 19:55:31
Thanks i love it... This is how the music should be made and promoted! Great stuff!
2010-10-04 18:01:58
wonderful. just wonderful.
thank you so much for all the effort you put in this project!
2010-10-04 09:25:24
Thanks to all involved!
2010-10-04 00:23:12
I just enjoyed this concert.
Congratulations to the team and many thanks to Radiohead for the audio track.
Looking forward for the next tour!
Cameron Pickard
2010-10-03 15:47:47
(United Kingdom)
Nice one guys, you created a masterpiece out of a few cameras and a few of the right people, keep up the good work. Oh and radiohead <3, very loyal to your fans dont let that Drop :D
Steph du Before
2010-10-03 13:57:52
Amazing work ! Thanks to all the team, and special thanks to Nataly, one of the truest & biggest RH fan I know.
Jorge Armando
2010-10-03 13:48:49
Thank You very much, excellent work!

2010-10-03 00:27:49
(United States)
Thanks! You guys Rock
2010-10-02 23:05:09
I'm enjoying it really bad, i hope this wont be the first time, i hope there is many to come.
2010-10-02 18:15:41
ciao a tutti, grazie per aver reso disponibile il vostro lavoro, lo avete fatto con la passione dei fan, bene! ho letto di voi sul Mucchio Selvaggio ... ed eccomi qui
Neil Butterworth
2010-10-02 09:50:33
Thank you Radiohead for the joy you bring to my life and the lives of so many. You are the masters of your craft. Oh, and please come back to Australia soon. Big love.
2010-10-02 09:15:26
(Czech Republic)
I was there on that day...and this video is awesome!!! Spectacular!!!! Perfect!!!!
Loren and Marta
2010-10-02 00:32:46
Most amazing work. You deserve to be seen all over the world. It's obvious you love music over money. So many others should learn from you!
2010-10-01 22:23:44
simply fantastic.... I lost control !
2010-10-01 21:13:00
Thanks! :)
2010-10-01 17:09:26
Raymond Elma
2010-10-01 14:56:31
(United Kingdom)
Good times, best thing I've seen for ages. Great work folks. Awfully nice of the boys to donate the audio masters too!!
2010-10-01 09:41:10
gracias Radiohead,
desde Chile
Mike Mulder
2010-10-01 08:21:58
Thank you!
Radiohead rules!
2010-10-01 03:52:30
Incredible job! Thanks for sharing!
2010-09-30 18:17:52
(United States)
Greetings from the middle of The United States of America!

GREAT Job on this DVD! Thank you to everyone involved!!!
Samuel (SR)
2010-09-30 09:03:02
Good job, friends ....Thanx
2010-09-30 04:38:41
(Turks and Caicos Islands)
This site is fantastic! Seeing Radiohead live was a religious experience for me. It's nice to be able to relive it. Much thanks!
Fabian Hoyos
2010-09-30 02:59:41
Excelente! Me siento muy feliz con el trabajo que hicieron. Es poder ver un show de Radiohead desde la perspectiva de un espectador, sobre todo para los que no hemos podido asistir a un concierto de esta majestuosa banda. Hermosa obra. Saludos desde Colombia!
2010-09-29 20:34:47
Merci pour ce si beau live , j'ai hâte de vous voir en France.

2010-09-29 19:09:25
This is just great, I can't believe they provided the master audio. :D
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